Katy's Couch

June-July, 2019

Welcome to the Kouch

My fellow Kiwanians,

  Welcome to summer in Division 42!  School is out, and most of the SLP’s are quiet or at least subdued for a few months.  Let’s settle back with an iced tea, in passionfruit or “green”.  We have little shortbread cookies to go with your beverage.

Our June 13th Division Council Meeting (DCM) was hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Thousand

Welcome to Cal-Nev-Ha Division 42

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Oaks.  Vice President Craig Burns led the contingent from the club, feeding the group and doing a nice job hosting the event.  Heart of a Hero for the Division was Mike Mathews, a Past President of TO, who took over managing the club’s Trailer, after Don Shewmon “retired” up north.  Mike is regularly spotted at cooking events in particular, guiding and yes, cooking. Congratulations Mike!

  Our project the month of June allowed folks to get out of their seats and help each other.  We created dog toys for a local shelter.  Members were braiding cloth, and filling socks with balls.  To complete the effect, we had markers to personalize each item.  Thanks to all who participated.

  The July 11th DCM, our last for the year, was hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara.  President Marsha Gray came with a large portion of the club, AND the wonderful AKTION club volunteers as well.   The food and festivities won the praise of those in attendance.  Heart of a Hero for the Division was Anita Dominocielo-Ho, a Past President of Santa Barbara, who is a ubiquitous figure in the club. Marsha presented her with a nice certificate reflecting the club’s appreciation. Congratulations Anita!

  Our project the month of July was covering one of the round tables with thank you cards, colored hands waving, and messages of gratitude to the wonderful folks at the ARC.

  Clubs have been busy getting the next set of officers elected, and then trained at the CLE (Club Leadership Education) July 20, or on-line. Appreciation goes out to the clubs for submitting their incoming officers on-line. It is very helpful to the incoming officers to be able to contact folks off of the KI site. Thank you to Roy Talley for doing a wonderful job, training the club leaders on each of the major roles of the club, as well as giving an overview of important functions, such as membership.  Our Lt. Governor Designate Don Erickson, and the Lt. Governor Elect Debbie Heaslip provided a friendly backdrop and 2 delicious meals for the event.  One piece of business had to be put off – we did not achieve a quorum for the approval of the Division’s budget for next year, so that will need to be done on-line.

  A few members, including yours truly, attended the International Conference in Florida at the end of June.  The speakers were amazing, and the opportunity to delve deeply into topics that can help our clubs and our District makes the trip worthwhile.

  A special word of appreciation to our Division Newsletter Editor this year: Katie McElroy.  Her expertise in graphics continued the philosophy of continuous improvement.  Katie is now working on creating a new human, so our award winning past editor, Nick Esser, will be signing off on the last few of the year.  Thanks to both of these wonderful Kiwanians!

  Finish up your tea and cookies.  There is more summer yet to come, but all too soon we’ll be hearing that school bell ring all across our Division and our SLP’s will be back in business, and needing our mentorship. See you in Vegas, or at River Ridge for the changing of the guard, and celebration of a wonderful year.