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Welcome to Cal-Nev-Ha Division 42

Katy's Couch

March, 2019

Welcome to the Kouch

My fellow Kiwanians,

   Our first day over 70 degrees in about 70 days showed up, just as we are getting
used to carrying an umbrella and a coat. The birds, bees and butterflies are all fluttering
around, reminding us of the joy of renewal. Note that we will soon have our Division
renewal election – Nominations will be taken April 11th and the Election for our next
Division Lieutenant Governor and Lieutenant Governor Elect will take place on May 9th.


In honor of the warmer weather, let’s have some fresh lemonade in a tall glass of ice, with a twist of lime. Help yourself to a crunchy Biscotti on the side. Settle on the Kouch, and tell me if you had a chance to interact with the Painted Lady butterflies as they swarmed
us this month. If so, it is one more local gem to share when you interact with our wonderful community!

   Many of you feted our District Governor Rocci Barsotti and his delightful wife Past District Governor Patti Barsotti at our River Ridge Country Club luncheon on March 10. The Governor met with the Presidents for an opportunity to get to know our Division better.
He loved to hear that the Heart of a Hero awards that we have embraced all year, based on his motto this year, will continue past September in some of our clubs. He spoke about it in the monthly call that I have with him. Several Clubs awarded Distinguished Service
Awards and Community Service Awards to members of their club and community. The CSA to Thousand Oaks Police Chief Tim Hagel was mentioned in the ACORN newspaper! Read the club pages to see some of our own wonderful heroes.

   We had a memorable March 14th Division Council Meeting (DCM). Moorpark hosted, with some rockin’ pizza and healthy salad. Don and Lorraine Erickson supplied the beverages. Santa Susana brought beads and elastic strings (with a starter bead, thank you), and allowed us the chance to create bracelets. Debbie Heaslip, President, shared how the bracelets we make may end up in refugee camps, providing kids with something of their own, at a time when they may have literally little else. The beads were
flying, as our members created lovely keepsakes for the kids.

   Along with Happy and Sad moments from the Division members, we rounded out the DCM with an eye-opening presentation on Parkinson’s Disease. Thank you to Deuk Perrin for bringing family and friends to share the progress, and the reality that there is
currently no cure. There is support, hope and treatment, however, and a fun run by the ocean on April 13. Register your walking team at or call Bernice at 805-317-4866 for more information.

   Our membership growth in Division 42 is currently in the plus column, at plus 6 members, and holding. Let’s bring membership growth ideas to our next DCM and see if we can “leap forward” with membership just as we did this month with our clocks. Bring
your ideas and we’ll tag them on a poster board. Every idea gets a raffle ticket for the generator. Let’s have some fun and then take action!As you slurp the last of your lemony drink consider the difference you make every single day as a Kiwanian, and how much richer your life is because of your club. Share that with friends and on your social media, and bring a guest to your next volunteer event.
Review the other clubs’ activities and feel proud of our Division. See you April 11!