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Welcome to Cal-Nev-Ha Division 42

been an honor to serve as your Lieutenant Governor, and I am optimistic that due to our collective effort, we have built a transition of leadership moving us forward in the years ahead.

I am humbled to have worked at the side of so many members within this division that are so committed to Kiwanis. I leave with such a sense of pride to have firsthand witnessed the collective power of the clubs in Division 42: the effort of the membership in building and supporting Student Leadership Programs (SLP’s); the respect in how we treat one another; the love we show children in our communities; the bond we have by embracing each other as friends.

Division 42 has a powerful and generous Past District Officer (PDO) group. It is without a doubt the greatest asset for any incoming or current Lieutenant Governor. While my term is setting like the sun to the west. Katy Porter will rise to bring us new light, new goals and a new direction.

It is not over for me as I become a PDO with the responsibility to provide support to our future leaders. As the Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor I will support Katy in whatever she needs, to help her achieve a successful year in her term. As I previously stated, our titles may change, but we in Kiwanis are here to serve.

Thank you for having me as your leader,

Eduardo Cué

Ed's Insights

September, 2018


It is a long-standing tradition in Kiwanis that the month of September marks the transition in leadership. It is the time of year that we de-install our leaders of the current year and install leaders that will move the Kiwanis agenda in the coming year.

The one constant remains that we serve the children of the world, starting with those in our community. No matter our title in Kiwanis, this is our mission. It has