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Welcome to Cal-Nev-Ha Division 42

To achieve Distinguished KI Club the criteria are a net increase in membership, sponsor a new Kiwanis Club, $10 per member to the KI Children’s Fund, club attends international convention, and execute a signature service project. To achieve a CNH Distinguished Club, the criteria are: have a plus in membership on 9/30/18, President and Secretary attend CLE or attain training on-line, one or more Distinguished Service Awards (DSA), Rose Bowl Sponsorship of $125 or more, attendance at convention - District or International, conduct a special guest day event.

These are sound measures to build and sustain healthy clubs. We have one month to assess our current progress towards these Kiwanis goals, and make plans to meet these outcomes. The fourth quarter starts in July, but it is always better to be prepared and have a plan of action to ensure our ability as Kiwanis members to rise above and finish the year successfully.

Division 42 does so much and there are so many members and clubs that can achieve distinguished recognition. Reset your goals and press forward.


Ed's Insights

June, 2018

The Fourth Quarter

For those of you who play or watch sports, there is the fourth quarter. That is the period in the game that the real champions rise and the winning teams step up their game to a higher level. June is a good month to encourage your members to review their personal goals to achieve CNH or KI Distinguished Member. The criteria are to bring one or more new members, attend a CNH District or Kiwanis International Convention and invite and sign up 5 new members.