​​Division 42 Leadership Team

2017 / 2018

Lieutenant Governor

Eduardo Cué
Club: Santa Barbara
Email: ecue@cadasb.org
Phone: Cell: (805) 252-5307

Immediate Past Lt. Governor

Kathi Van Etten
Club: Simi Valley
Email:  kathikiwanis@aol.com
Phone: Cell: (805) 732-4584; Home: (805) 520-0549

Lt. Governor Elect / Secretary

Katy Porter
Club: Thousand Oaks
Email: katy_d_porter@hotmail.com
Phone: Cell: (760) 315-0645


Tony Antonelli
Club: Thousand Oaks
Email:  tapharm01@verizon.net
Ph: Cell: (805) 390-0917; Home: (805) 492-2657

Formula Team

Lt. Gov. Eduardo Cué
 Club Openers
Roy Talley
Club:  Thousand Oaks
Email:  retalley@pacbell.net
Ph: Cell: (805) 390-7049; Home: (805) 529-4152
Nick Esser
Club: Simi Valley
Email: nichorus@pacbell.net
Phone: Home: (805) 526-8352; Cell: (805) 404-6550
Club Counselors
Wes Miller
Club:  Simi Valley
Email:  anewtec@aol.com
Ph: Cell: (805) 428-3012; Home: (805) 526-4649
Bob Engler
Club: Thousand Oaks
Email: englerbob@aol.com
Phone: Home: (805) 493-1525; Cell: (805) 906-1941
Gary Gray
Club: Santa Barbara
Email:  gvgraycpa@gmail.com
Phone: Cell: (805) 966-9778

Foundation Ambassador

Wes Miller

Newsletter Editor

Nick Esser
Club:  Simi Valley
Email:  nichorus@pacbell.net


Nick Esser
Club:  Simi Valley
Email:  nichorus@pacbell.net

ELIMINATE Coordinator

Tom Stapleford
Club:  Conejo Valley
Email:  stapletc@gmail.com  Ph: Home: (805) 492-8824

Region 10 Trustee

Steve Geraci

Region 10 Key Club Advisor

Stacie Marotta
 Email:  Stacie.Marotta@manpower.com  Ph: Cell: (661) 978-2525

KIWIN'S Turquoise Regional Advisor

Marsha Cordes
Email:  turquoisera@gmail.com  Ph: Cell: (805) 760-3138

CNH District Governor

Joni Ackerman
Email: legal@ackermantrustlaw.com

CNH District Governor - Elect

Rocci Barsotti
Email:  roccibarsotti@yahoo.com

California - Nevada - Hawaii District Office


Kiwanis International


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