Welcome to Cal-Nev-Ha Division 42

Division 42 Clubs & Meetings

Please confirm the meeting place and time with the Club Secretary if you are planning a visit.


Meeting: Sportsman Restaurant, 4426 Central Ave. NEW!                                                                                                      1st Tuesday 6:00 pm, Tuesdays x-1st 12:00 pm 
President:  Don Medley   Email:  don.medley@verizon.net  Ph:  (805) 482-8761
Secy:  Allen Grizzard-Paul   Email: allengrizzard@msn.com   Ph:  (805) 795-6279 Cell

Conejo Valley

Meeting:  Bandits' Grill and Bar, 589 North Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks, Tuesdays 11:45 am
President:  Sonia Agresti   Email:  sonia.bankers@gmail.com  Ph:  (818) 632-5858 Cell
Secy:  Roger Klausler    Email:  rklausler@gmail.com Ph:  (805) 746-2584 Cell


Meeting: Moorpark Chamber of Commerce, 18 E. High St.,  1st Monday 7:00 pm
President:  Steven Hoppel   Email:  stevehoppel@gmail.com  Ph: (424) 750-1103 Cell
Secy:  Paula Driscoll   Email:  pdriscoll805@outlook.com  Ph: (805) 795-4865



Meeting: The Tower Club,  300 E. Esplanade Dr., 22nd Floor,  Thursdays 12:00 pm
President:  Daniel Martinez   Email:  jdmartinez1052@gmail.com   Ph:
(805) 844-9145 Cell
Secy:  Daniel Gonzalez   Email:  daniel@dadprotectionservices.com   Ph: (805) 625-3925


Santa Barbara

Meeting: Mesa Café,  1972 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara,  Wednesdays 12:00 pm
  Anita Dominocielo Ho   Email:  vol@volunteersb.com   Ph: (805) 451-2928
Secy:  Lauren Alvarado   Email:  laucsb@gmail.com   Ph: (805) 636-2112


Santa Paula

Meeting:  Zapparelli’s Pizza, 598 W. Main St., Santa Paula, Thursdays 12:00 pm
President:  Ken Stock   Email:  kwstock85@gmail.com  Ph: (805) 407-7446
Secy:  Liana Aguirre   Email:  lianaaguirre@gmail.com  Ph: (805) 701-0720


Santa Susana

Meeting: Junkyard Café, 2585 Cochran St., Simi Valley,  2nd Tuesday 6:15 pm

Monthly Dessert Socials - 4th Tuesday 7:00 pm (Call for location)
President:  Debbie Heaslip   Email: sskiwanisinfo@gmail.com   Ph: (805) 368-9980
Secy:  Gary White   Email:  bflatgary@sbcglobal.net   Ph: (805) 660-7446 Cell


Simi Valley

Meeting: Best Western Posada Royale Hotel, 1775 Madera Rd.

Wednesdays (except 2nd Wednesday) 7:00 am

Monthly After-Hours Meeting - 2nd Friday 6:30pm

@ Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley, 2850 Lemon Avenue
Don Erickson   Email:  dc.erickson@att.net   Ph: (805) 624-6189 Cell
Secy:  Mary Martin   Email:  fmmartin7@sbcglobal.net  Ph:  (805) 527-0760

The South Coast

Meeting: High Sierra Grill , 521 Firestone Road, Goleta,  Tuesdays 6:30 pm
President: Richard Brown   Email:  dianabasso@cox.net  Ph: (805) 683-1764
Secy:  Bill Bailey   Email:  bill@jwbailey.com  Ph: (805) 964-2249


Thousand Oaks

Meeting: Los Robles Greens Golf Course, 299 S. Moorpark Rd., NEW!  Wednesdays 7:15 am

ALSO—Social Mtg. “First Friday” night each month; location varies
President:  Larry Levine   Email:  levine.larry@hotmail.com  Ph: (805) 373-6267 Cell
Secy:  Gloria Dyok   Email: gloriadyok@verizon.net  Ph: (805) 402-1297 Cell (Text preferred)



Meeting: Poinsettia Pavillion, 3451 Foothill Rd., Ventura,  Fridays 12:00 pm
President: Brad Dykes  Email: braddykes@gmail.com  Ph: (805) 552-4217 Cell
Secy:  Fred Ziegler   Email:  ziegler.fairway@gmail.com  Ph: (805) 535-5218 Cell



Meeting: Marie Callender's Restaurant, 1295 S. Victoria Ave., 1st & 3rd Wednesdays  6:30 pm
President:  Brendan Hendrick   Email:  kiwinsda2000@aol.com  Ph: Home: (805) 642-8661 
​Secy: Tracey Hendrick   Email:  tnbhen@aol.com  Ph: (805) 642-8661